Damian Dinning

Ouch, no punches are being pulled over here. Damian Dinning, the ex-head of Nokia’s camera and imaging department tweeted yesterday about how he was unimpressed (to say the least) regarding the new camera in the HTC One.

To quote, he said:

“Did I miss something today?? Thought HTC were introducing a breakthrough camera?? Read the whole press release but no, couldn’t find it.”

Also commenting that the One and the Lumia 920 have the same image stabiliser, he said that its “stabilisation according to HTC only works to 1/1.75 vs 1/3 [for the Lumia 920].”

While Dinning’s ire is understandable, especially since rumor’s are flying around that HTC’s “inspiration” for the UltraPixel camera was the Nokia PureView technology, there is no way for anyone to judge the quality of the One’s camera. While it is true that the Nokia PureView 808 was the first phone after which OEM’s started paying attention to picture quality, it did not have a single other feature worth mentioning apart from the camera.

If HTC can put together a beast of a phone and include a spectacular camera (again, we can only judge it once we get the model to review,) then it deserves to be recognized for it. Now lets just hope HTC’s marketing department is up to the job of bringing this phone and its standout features to audiences all over the world.