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Nokia X snags 1 million pre-orders in China, after just four days

After just four days, the Nokia X has already landed 1 million pre-orders for the Nokia X in China. Read on for more details!
March 14, 2014

When the Nokia X, XL and X+ debuted at MWC last month, most of our readers noted that while the idea of a Nokia powered handset was interesting, the three unveiled devices were far from impressive. Part of this was because of the lower-end specs, the other reason was because the devices utilize a WP-like UI and lack Google Play support.

While this is a major deal-breaker for some of us, there are markets where Google Play support really isn’t that important, such as China. So how well will Nokia’s handset do in these markets? Judging by the fact that the Nokia X already has landed 1 million pre-orders for the device in China over a period of only four days, we’d say there is a fair number of folks interested in what Nokia is offering.


The goal of the Nokia X is to bring emerging markets a low-cost handset that offers improved features over the Asha line, while not directly getting into the way of Nokia’s WP-powered Lumia sales. At least judging by this early show of support, we imagine that Nokia is pretty pleased right now.

The Nokia X is expected to officially arrive to China on March 25th, with other markets to follow. Interested in learning more about the handset, be sure to check out our hands-on impressions of the device:

What do you think, will the Nokia X find similar levels of success in other emerging markets? Will this success result in further investment from Nokia in the Android platform, or will Microsoft get in the way of this