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New images of the Nokia X leak, gives us a better look at the tiled UI

Several new images of the Nokia X have now leaked to the web, giving us an even better look at the phone's tiled UI. Keep reading for more details!
February 20, 2014

At this point there’s no denying that the Nokia X is a real thing and its pretty much guaranteed that the handset is destined for a MWC unveiling. So what do we know about the Nokia X? Quite a bit actually. Not only have we heard the rumored specs, but we have also seen press renders and Nokia’s own official teasers. Now several actual photos of the device (and its UI) have allegedly be leaked as well.

The phone in the pictures looks exactly like what we’ve seen from the leaked press renders, and the same pretty much goes for the UI. As expected, the interface is very reminiscent of Windows Phone, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your tastes.

One thing you’ll also notice is that not a single Google app is listed on any of the tiles we can see but there is a Nokia HERE maps icon and a ‘Store’ icon, which falls in line with the idea that Nokia will be pushing its own apps and services (as well as Microsoft’s) and will not be Google certified. In short, this means that Google apps won’t be available for the handset and the Android app selection will be limited to whatever Nokia’s store offers.

Overall, the Nokia X is an attractive enough looking handset device, but it’s clearly marketed at those looking for an entry-level smartphone judging by its lack of flash and its dual-SIM support. According to the rumor mill, the Nokia X is expected to feature a Snapdragon 400 CPU, 512MB RAM, a 4-inch low-res display, 4GB storage, microSD, a 1500 mAh battery and a 5MP camera.

What do you think of the Nokia X, can it compete against other Android budget devices that are Google Play certified or is it likely to be a niche product with limited support? Regardless of what happens, we’ll be sure to bring you all the official details related to the Nokia X during MWC, so stayed tuned!