Recently, manufacturers have been starting rumors about creating bendable phones. However, rumors and proof-of-concepts were the closest that anyone has gotten, so far. Contour displays are starting to gain a bit of a foothold in the market, but this takes contour-ability to a whole new level.

Thankfully, Nokia has come to our rescue, and demonstrated that we shouldn’t count them out of the game just yet. Before I say another word about the new product, take a look at the video below.

The video shows that this incredibly odd device actually bends. In addition, it does not just bend, the operating system uses those “bendings”, and translates them into commands like scroll up and down, and zoom in and out.

Although this product could be purchased just because you can bend it, we are still unsure about using it with just your one hand. In addition, how much more efficient could this be compared to a regular touchscreen?

Either way, one thing is sure – it is very cool, and represent the dawning of a new age. It’s reminiscent of Samsung’s Flexible Smartphone that is set to come to market sometime in 2012, is it not?

At any rate, the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 both run Windows Phone. Why do I add this? Mostly because of the fact that both Windows phone and Nokia are dying brands. Therefore, will Nokia be able to survive long enough to put this bending phone in stores? Or will the concept succumb to Android and iOS? Don’t forget that Samsung has been tossing around rumors about flexible devices, and we will most definitely be seeing at least one by next year. Leave your opinion in the comments below. Would you like to have a flexible device?

Source: CNet