A guy running a blog site called “Brandon’s Posterous” has recently released a video of the Nokia N900 dual booting Maemo 5 and Android. Maemo 5 is a Linux based operating system that is both useable and great to develop for. Nokia develops it in collaboration with many open source projects such as Debian, GNOM, among others. However, it does not receive the same kind of attention Android does, which is exactly why we’re interested in this news piece.

From studying the video, it is completely unclear as to whether the device is fully functional or even if the keyboard works. However, there is something captivating about Android ports where the hint of a successful one can make even the most docile of Android fans enthusiastic once more.


After doing a little search on porting Android onto various devices, I coincidentally stumbled onto the following URL over at Google Groups, which actually reveals Brandon’s attempts at getting the device to function correctly. It turns out that Brandon is able to boot the Donut branch of Android onto the N900 without too much trouble, however Eclair is proving rather difficult. After overcoming some obsticles, Eclair boots but will crash soon after start up.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.