nokia under the tree mwc 2014

The Nokia Normandy story began life as a wild rumor, but it quickly gained credibility once reputable sources including The Verge and the defunct AllThingsD reported that Nokia’s developing an Android phone, and is doing it “at full steam ahead”.

Reports about the Nokia Normandy have been popping up regularly for the past weeks, keeping the hope alive for those who are still waiting for the perfect combination of Google software and Nokia hardware.

Nokia Normandy

Now the Finnish company sent out invites for its press event at Mobile World Congress. The company is asking journalists to congregate under a mystery tree, and we have no idea what that means.

The Verge’s Tom Warren reports that sources at Nokia claimed Normandy would be released at MWC 2014. And the green theme of the invitation reminds us of the signature color of Android.

Then again, Nokia could be preparing something else altogether. The company, which is in the midst of finalizing the sale of its smartphone business to Microsoft, may release new Lumia and Asha devices, just like it did last year at MWC. Or, it may be announcing something related to its own services, which are not part of the Microsoft deal, such as the Here mapping service.

Even if it’s indeed an Android device that Nokia wants us to show us, all bets are off once Microsoft takes over. Some speculate that the Redmond company could swallow its pride and release a Windows-ified entry-level Android device, to act as a sort of gateway to the real thing. But it seems just as likely that Microsoft would want the project dead and forgotten. After all, what sort of message would adopting Android, even on the low end, send out to users and developers?

Normandy or no-Normandy, we’ll be at MWC 2014 to bring you all the news. Stay tuned.