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Nokia's MWC 2013 appearance to be all about smartphones, says report

Nokia's MWC 2013 show will focus on its Lumia range of smartphones, with Nokia-branded tablets (Android or otherwise) a no-show – for now – according to a report.
February 15, 2013
Nokia Android
If you’re one of the many people who are still dreaming about the day Nokia releases its own-brand Android-powered tablets, you’re going to want to hear this bit of news. The rumor that Nokia will, at some point in the future, dabble in Android tablet computing has been floating around for quite some time now. And in fact, even current Nokia CEO Stephen Elop himself has alluded to it through certain comments made in the recent past. But just how true are all these rumors? Is there really a chance that Nokia will announce its very own tablet soon?

Though possible, it just isn’t going to happen yet. And certainly not during this year’s upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Nokia does not have any plans to announce its very own tablets at all, Android or otherwise, according to a recent report based on data gathered by research firm Strategy Analytics. Apparently, “extensive channel checks” have revealed that Nokia intends to focus its efforts on further expanding its Lumia range of smartphones, which are all powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.

Of course, that doesn’t completely rule out the possibility that Nokia might reveal plans on releasing some kind of tablet in the future. All it says is that Nokia won’t be releasing its own brand of tablets yet – if not with Android then perhaps with some form of Windows instead. But you’ve probably already thought about that, so I’ll leave the rest of the speculating up to you and get back to some real reporting so you can get more updates on this topic as soon as more information becomes available.