When you say something is in short supply it does not necessarily mean that it is in high demand. For Nokia Lumia 920 we could be facing such a situation, as it appears it is difficult to determine whether the highly anticipated Windows Phone 8-powered device is selling like hot cakes in the U.S. or is in short supply because Nokia simply missed its production targets.

Currently, American customers thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia 920 should think again, as the device is sold out in most online and retail outlets. Or try AT&T, which is the only mobile operator carrying the handset in the region.

For example on Amazon’s online store the device is labeled as ‘backordered’ and the site is showing the shipping time of about one to two weeks for this particular smartphone. According to The New York Times, the Lumia 920 is not available even for those buyers who want to pick it up in person from Best Buy Manhattan locations.

Moreover, publication notes that Nokia representatives have already revealed that the company was having problems in providing the newly released smartphone to tech writers who wanted to review the device for their respective news organizations. One of the reasons behind the short Nokia Lumia 920 supply in the U.S. could be that Nokia is currently focusing on the European market that has proven more reliable in the past for the company than the U.S. market.

Nevertheless, the fact that Lumia 920 went from available to the status of ‘backordered’ on Amazon in just three days after it went on sale on November 7, signifies that the device has a demand in the U.S., which certainly was not anticipated by its manufacturer. This demand gives Nokia a new hope as it has been losing the smartphone battle to Apple and other Android phone manufacturers.

When contacted, Nokia’s Spokesman Doug Dawson declined to provide details on why Lumia 920 is in short supplies. He noted that his company is working hard to meet the demand for its Windows Phone 8-powered phone. Do you agree?