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Despite the fact that many consider Nokia to have gone to the dark side, and to have opted for the path of least resistance, there are still great minds contained within the once great giant. The silver lining contained within the sale of Nokia’s phone division to Microsoft is that a mass defection of their best talent appears likely.

We already have a team of senior former Nokia executives ready to run the business, and we are confident that we can attract the talent from those people who want to develop a competitive phone on the Android platform.

For all those among us that have dreamed of a Nokia Android phone, perk up. The marriage of Nokia’s legendary build quality and the best mobile operating system in the world would be a truly amazing thing, and now, it’s looking more likely than ever.

Thomas Zilliacus
Thomas Zilliacus, former Asia-Pacific CEO of Nokia

In the very same time frame that Nokia essentially sold itself to Microsoft, former Asia-Pacific CEO Thomas Zilliacus has founded a company called Newkia, and he has publicly stated that he’ll be poaching talent from Nokia to build what so many of us have been waiting for so long.

Many people in Finland are mourning the demise of what's been one of the country's national icons.

In Finland, Nokia was a huge deal. For those of us passionate about mobile technology, the death of Nokia happened a long time ago, when they started getting $250 million “platform support payments” every three months from Microsoft. And, you can be sure that there are people within Nokia that never agreed with this direction in the first place.

But truly, perhaps there is something here. By attracting key people (veterans) from Nokia who would like to develop a successful Android phone, Newkia potentially has the makings of something great. 

“It’s a natural end to a sad story”, said Zilliacus.


Anyone excited? Any tips for Mr. Zilliacus?