A few years ago Nokia decided to go with Microsoft (exclusively) and ignore Google, when realizing that its aging Symbian OS will not be resurrected in time to adapt to the smartphone revolution started by the iPhone and the first Android smartphones. But is there still a possibility left for Nokia to consider making Android smartphones and tablets as well? A new job posting seems to say so.

Nokia chose the promise of the new Windows Phone mobile operating system instead of joining what looked like a crowded Android space back in early 2010, thus crushing the dreams of plenty of Android fans that would have loved to switch from their old Nokia devices to a new Nokia Android handset.

But now Gizmodo UK reports that the company is actively searching for a Linux engineer that would work on brand new devices. Here’s a fragment of the LinkedIn job description, as posted by Nokia, that’s very interesting:

We are looking for an expert C/C++ & JAVA engineers to develop embedded linux device software and hardware drivers for our exciting new products. The candidate must have knowledge and experience working with mobile phone technology. Strong knowledge of embedded linux drivers and resource optimizations such as scheduler/governor is a must. Experience with network stack, RF driver, display driver, and imaging pipeline are also essential.
You will be a hands-on leader of the team that builds innovative products and services using the latest mobile, imaging, and location technologies. You should have shipped commercial software, great team collaboration skills, and strong communication skills. You should also be passionate for mobile devices, be self-driven and motivated and be adaptable to the ever changing mobile market. You will also be closely involved in architecture, system design and product specification.

The simplest conclusion one could draw is that the Nokia may be interested in Android after all. In case that’s not it, then what is Nokia cooking that’s Linux-based? Is it going to revive any old projects, like MeeGo? Or is it going to start some Linux-based mobile project from scratch?

Would you buy a Nokia Android handset?