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Nobody wants the FCC to lessen regulations against internet service providers

Less than 1% want the FCC to lessen regulations.
September 4, 2014

The Washington Post alerts us to the results of a study done by the Sunlight Foundation who reviewed a little less than 1 million comments filed to the FCC about net neutrality and found that:

  • Less than 1% want the FCC to lessen regulations against ISP’s going forward.
  • Two-thirds called for reclassifying broadband providers under Title II of the Communications Act.

One interesting part of the study was that just 2,300 comments mentioned the issue of whether wireless companies should be added to such reclassification and just 300 discussed interconnection issues.

It should also be noted that the usual suspects support the 1% of less regulation. Groups such as  “American Commitment” who are funded by those wanting to defend the status quo while pretending to stand up for consumers. They throw out scary words like “destroying American capitalism” and “federal internet takeover” with absolutely nothing of substance behind the rhetoric.

“Americans have been getting faster and faster Internet speeds because of competition in the free economy, not because of anything the government has done,” the petition reads. “The people calling for government control over the Internet are a tiny minority of far-left political activists, and the FCC knows it.” – Vice

Of course, what makes their statement even more laughable is that these types of astroturf groups seem to have no issue when the major companies use the big-bad government to pass legislation that fattens the companies wallet and power. Whenever AT&T is trying to draft and pass legislation (such as rules killing off municipal broadband programs in areas AT&T won’t offer or upgrade service), groups such as “American Commitment” rush to their defense.