Update: In a new tweet, @evleaks claims Android Silver would launch around February 2015.

Changes to the Nexus program would mean a whole new era to Google’s mobile operating system. We were presented with a new idea a couple weeks ago, when rumors of Android Silver broke loose. Now we are hearing about it again, this time from @evleaks (who has a long history of correct information).

Android Silver is said to be what will replace the Nexus program. It’s portrayed as some form of Google Play Edition movement on steroids. Google would have a set of rules for manufacturers to make Android Silver devices. Things like quick updates and stock Android experience would be of the highest priority.

Evan Blass (@evleaks) presented this rumor in two separate tweets. One simply confirms that the Nexus 6 is not in the works. The other doesn’t say much, but it hints at the Android Silver movement.

It seems Android Silver may be coming sooner than expected. Android Silver was not to debut until next year, as per previous rumors. A Nexus device is expected every year, so if @evleaks is correct we should be seeing Silver debut later this year. Either that, or we will skip a year’s Google Phone. The latter sounds rather unlikely.

What does this mean for Android?

There are different opinions regarding this matter. I happen to like the idea of having multiple options. How many times do we complain about the fact that we want another manufacturer to make a Nexus phone? This initiative would allow more manufacturers to join the game!

If the rumors are correct, these devices would still bring the “Pure Google” experience and receive the latest updates in time. These happen to be the two most popular reasons for wanting a Nexus smartphone.

Others believe this to be horrible news, though. We have an open debate on the subject, so join the conversation and let us know what you think.