Moto X

The Moto X will not be available in the UK (and all of Europe), Motorola has apparently confirmed to a publication, but other “cool and exciting” devices from the Moto X family may be en route.

Motorola on Thursday announced the Moto X, revealing that the handset will ship in U.S., Canada and Latin America starting with late August.

While we expected Motorola to announce availability details for Europe and other regions of the world at a later date, it appears that won’t happen. Pocket-lint has been told that the Moto X will not be available in the UK (or, by extension, in Europe):

[quote qtext=””It doesn’t mean that Europe is not a key priority for Motorola,” we were told by a UK spokesperson. “Essentially, the Moto X is the first device in a new product portfolio, basically a new family of devices.

“Because it is the first one, the Moto X has had a real buzz around it, but the US launch is not about the US being Motorola’s priority at all, there are devices coming to Europe. We can’t share what they are as of yet, but they are from the same family. They are cool and they are exciting and there is a lot in Europe coming up.”” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

A few days before the event, we did notice that Motorola’s only local sites teasing the Moto X were the ones in the USA, Canada, Brazil and Argentina, with Europe and other regions missing out on the action.

It now looks like the Moto X is not a handset meant to hit Europe, or at least not the first-gen model.

That said, we have no idea what other member are in the Moto X family at this time, but we did hear that a cheaper handset may be also in the works.

Let’s hear it from our international readers, are you disappointed to hear the Moto X won’t be officially available in your country?