Ever enjoyed creating greeting cards or music videos with your friends’ faces using Jibjab? Then BuddyCon might just be the perfect app for you.

BuddyCon is a free app that lets Android users create custom avatars of their favorite or most contacted friends, dress them up, and make them interact on the home screen. When touched, the avatars on the home screen reveal shortcuts for calling, texting, and other connectivity functions they allowed access to BuddyCon to contact their friend. It also enables users to set up customized and fun call-screen backgrounds.

The catch? The recent update has limited the free version to only one avatar, which means that users have to purchase the non-limited version to unlock more avatars.

Getting Started

To create your friends’ avatars, go to BuddyCon Settings and start importing or adding new faces. The app connects to your gallery where you can choose a friend’s photo, and then mark the friend’s face with the built-in paintbrush. However, the accuracy of marking a friend’s face to be used in the avatar might pose a problem for those with smartphones with not-so-sensitive touch settings and for those with fat fingers.

The results are nevertheless hilarious and might even prompt you to get the non-limited version, but we have always encountered an error when trying to make a purchase.


BuddyCon users give the app an average of 3.8 stars from 660 reviews on the Android Market, with mixed reviews ranging from “very good” and “creative” to “totally not working” and “update is bad.”

See for yourself what BuddyCon can offer and download the app for free from the Android Market here. BuddyCon is compatible with devices running on Android 2.2 and up.

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