With Samsung continuing its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update across Europe, we’ve received information that will not go down too well among owners of the flagship phone in the States who have been at the edge of their seats waiting for the buttery smooth OS to arrive.

As reported by Examiner, Samsung’s spokesmen have revealed that the U.S. variant of the Galaxy S3 will be among the last to get the software bump to Jelly Bean. The report also stated that save for Sprint, the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and other carriers in the country may not come until next year.

If accurate, this is a blow to customers who have been promised a swift upgrade to the latest and greatest Android version. While Samsung has bested wireless carriers in ensuring that the Galaxy S3 brand and design remain intact, it seems that that won’t be the case when it comes to software update, yet again.

For comparison’s sake, the official Jelly Bean firmware for European countries like Spain, Austria, Romania and France have all popped up in recent days – indicating that an update roll out is just around the corner.

What do you think of this latest possible setback? Do you mind waiting for at least 2 more months for Jelly Bean?

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