It seems that analyst firm Mirae Asset Securities has been talking to Telecoms Korea about Samsung and LG’s plans for Android. The firm has said that we should not expect to see Android based devices coming out of Korea until at least Q3, 2009.

Mirae says that part of the problem is that carriers and advertisers are hesitant to give Google so much clout on devices that run on their networks. I can certainly understand that; Google is a huge and, quite likely, already too powerful company. It basically owns online advertising in the U.S., at least, thanks to its AdSense, AdWords, and DoubleClick properties, and how well they are tied in with its search engine.

I think it is quite probable that there are a number of carriers worldwide that are just taking a wait and see stance, looking to get a better feel for how all of this will play out before they commit.

[via EngadgetMobile]

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