After Samsung revealed that they will not be updating their Galaxy S line handsets to Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, speculation about an enhancement package known as the ICS-Lite started to come about. Unfortunately, a spokesperson from the company has denied such rumors and said that older Galaxy units will not be receiving any updates beyond Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

When asked about it, Samsung responded that they had hardware inadequacies and memory issues. Moreover, their Galaxy devices were ‘limited to and fully optimized for the Gingerbreade experience.’ This has led the company to abandon their older handsets and instead, concentrate on newer ones such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II.

Nevertheless, the rumored value pack for Galaxy S would still not have been a full update to the new Android OS version. It would have simply given way for some in demand ICS features such as face unlock, Android Beam, and its multitasking improvements.

This bit of news is quite disappointing to the 10 million users who purchased the Galaxy S. Considering many of them are still tied to a contract, they won’t be able to leave their device anytime soon.

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