image_89NitroDesk have updated their Exchange client with push support for Android to its third generation. Back at the end of March we brought you news about its launch, but the newer version has “Full ActiveSync support, the ability to instantly and automatically synchronize changes made to the Exchange Personal address book into the Android phone book, and support for setting peak hours to specify when to automatically check for changes to Exchange data.

One of the more appealing aspects to the updated version includes automatic and continuous one-way synchronization of contacts from the server to the user’s device. This way, the most up-to-date information is available to the user and there is no need to update it manually. We also like the new ability to update non-recurring appointments remotely on the device and see these changes made on the server simultaneously, also informing all invitees of any changes.

“The third generation is one of the most significant releases we have ever made. With this release, we are now able to provide an unprecedented level of agility, simplicity and functionality for corporate email access on the Android platform. The new ‘ActiveSync Only’ connection mode in the latest release makes TouchDown react faster to changes on the server, reduce the data transfer volume to a fraction of what it used to be for other protocols, as well as greatly simplifies the process of configuring the product for first-time use.” says Goutham Sukumar, Founder of NitroDesk Inc.

If these upgrades have persuaded you that NitroDesk TouchDown is the way to go, you can pick up a copy for $24.99 from the Android Market place.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.