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Ninja Camp: Addictive shuriken-throwing game for Android

July 13, 2012

Ninjas or shinobis are people who have mastered the art of stealth. They have been hired as mercenaries and spies in Feudal Japan. They wore black ninja suits to hide themselves during the night. To protect themselves, they mastered how to use the sword and throw shurikens at their enemies. If you want to become a virtual ninja, you can hone your shuriken throwing skills with the Ninja Camp game app.

The main goal of this game is to throw shurikens at objects flying around you. Make sure not to let them hit the ground or you will lose one life. You will also need to avoid hitting bombs.

The game can be played by simply tapping on the screen and directing where you want to throw your shurikens. The game sounds easy but actually requires more than just throwing shurikens. You will need to have good eyesight, perfect timing, and quick reflexes to hit your targets and avoid the bombs.

The Ninja Camp app can be played in two different modes: The Camp and Single Round. The Camp mode lets you play the game in different rounds. The game’s difficulty will also increase as the game progresses. You can also do missions while in this mode. Achieving missions will let you gain extra credit points as well as gain levels.

The Single Round mode lets you play the game in one single round. You can keep playing the game as long as you have enough lives and sufficient amount of shurikens to throw. Once all your lives and shurikens are used, then it’s game over. Missions are not available in this mode.

You can also pick up power-ups within the game. The Life Bonus grants you one life and makes you last longer during the game. The Weapon Bonus increases the number of shurikens thrown. This is helpful in hitting multiple targets, but in return, has a higher chance of hitting bombs. The Speed Bonus makes your shurikens faster. The Points Bar bonus fills the point bar and multiplies your score with every object that you hit.

The points you have accumulated can be used to buy upgrades from the shop. You can buy power-ups or extra lives to survive even longer in the game. You can also buy additional points within the game for a price.

This app is fun and challenging to play but with its limited number of choices and features, the game tends to lose some of its excitement and charm in the long run. Such limitation is actually an opportunity for the developers to look into.

One area where the game app can become more enticing to game players is the addition of more power-ups and switching the game’s backdrop after every few rounds. Allowing the player to customize the game such as changing the ninja’s outfit or adding cool effects on the shurikens could also be a plus point — at least for me it is.

Another thing that can easily annoy anyone is the popping ads that appear after every round. Sometimes, the ads appears immediately when the game starts. The shuriken throwing experience will surely improve without ads getting in the way of the shurikens.

I also noticed that sometimes the app doesn’t respond when I tap the screen. Disconnecting my phone’s Wi-Fi seems to have solved the problem. Not sure, though, whether that issue is an isolated case, unique only to my phone.

But, certainly, the developers of Ninja Camp are eager to make the game better for its players, so we can be sure that upcoming updates will only bring glad tidings to the game app’s current fans.

Enroll yourself in Ninja Camp and enhance your shuriken throwing skills.