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Nike+ Running: Android app for nearly everything a runner needs

July 11, 2012

The official Nike+ Running application has finally made its way to the Google Play Store. Just like its iOS counterpart, the application retains its core features and has been touted as one of the best application companions for jogging and doing exercise.

With the Nike+ Running app, you can monitor statistics such as distance and speed while you run. You can also see your real-time progress through the use of GPS maps, change song selections, as well as getting your results via audio feedback once you pass a certain landmark or distance.

To get started, the app requires you to log into the service through your Nike+ account, which you integrate with your Facebook profile.

Nike+ Running is designed to be a runner’s companion. Whether you are jogging in an open space or keeping it steady at a gym or on the treadmill, your Android device will still continuously track your travel distance. Every time you use the application, it will create a map of your route especially if you’re training outdoors, after which it uploads your data to the Nike+ servers.

There are similar applications on the market that have the same features as the Nike+ Running app, and most of them pack similar features like GPS monitoring, travel distance for each session, and the accelerometer to get important vital statistics of your progress.

Nike+ Running features a very sleek-looking user-interface and delivers the information you need on one screen while keeping the rest hidden from view. On the app’s homescreen, there is a “Next Moves” feature that suggests challenges such as beating your 5K runs.  Every time you pass through a specific landmark, the app will automatically give you a voice notification to let you know how you are doing. And, if you need a boost in energy, just hit the predesignated “Power Song” to play your favorite song for that ultimate push.

Nike+ Running is heavily integrated with Facebook and, where users can share their accomplishments on their own profile,  compare their friends’ statistics or browse their data, and share their accomplishments throughout the network.

Nike+ Running has been a popular application on iOS and has gathered a lot of followers. Although the Nike+ Running application for Android is not the first one to deliver this set of features, it is certainly one of the best applications that serve as an alternative.

Folks who are huge fans of Nike products can add this app to their collection. There is still no word if the app is compatible with other accessories but we’re hoping that it will get some more developer love in upcoming updates.

If your phone runs on Android 2.3 or higher, you can grab the Nike+ Running app from the Google Play Store absolutely free of charge.