n March 2011, Nielsen first reports Android’s U.S. market dominance over Apple iOS and RIM in terms of smartphones. After three months, Android widens the lead, plus it now takes the top spot in data usage. According to Nielsen’s most recent smartphones survey, 37% of mobile phone users are now on smartphones, and 36% of those are using an Android device, up from 29% last March. That’s a 10-percent lead over iPhone (Apple iOS) users with 26% (one notch down from March’s 27%), and much farther from RIM Blackberry users with 23% (also 27% in March). Palm also has decreased share in the May 2011 survey (from 4% to 1%), while Windows OS and Symbian hold on to the same numbers. For the data usage, Nielsen analysed roughly 65,000 mobile phone bills of U.S. smartphone users and found out that Android users consumed an average of 582 MB of data monthly, compared to iPhone owners’ average of 492 MB monthly. This is in spite of the survey’s results that iOS users show a higher percentage of smartphone activity engagement than other smartphone OS users. It is interesting to note though that users of HP, Windows Phone 7, and Windows Mobile greatly overtake those of RIM Blackberry in terms of data usage, with an average of only 127 MB monthly. Most smartphone users, regardless of their phones’ OS, consider downloading applications as their heaviest data use activity, followed by streaming music and watching mobile TV. Other activities include downloading full music tracks and playing games online. The inclusive period for the survey was from February to April 2011. via Mashable