By next year, the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) is expected to boom everywhere around the world–except the United States–according to online business magazine Fast Company.

Kulveer Taggar, one of the founders of Tagstand, told Fast Company that he observes slow adoption of NFC technology in the U.S. “We haven’t seen that much in the U.S. I’d say 30% U.S., 70% international,” said Taggar.  He notes that most of the early uses of NFC in the U.S. seem to be advertising-centric, a “mix between loyalty retail and coupons,” where users use NFC to access more product/service info or to gain deals or offers.

Several technologically-driven countries like Singapore have already started to take advantage of and develop this technology. Companies like Intel, MasterCard, Acer, and Google are also planning to adopt NFC in their systems to better their services in many countries worldwide.

The uses vary, too.  In India, for instance, NFC has infiltrated the transit system in Delhi, “with a million passengers a day using NFC cards.”  Taggar also notes that Nokia is trying to push its NFC brands further in India.  Singapore is also seeing a consortium of telecommunications companies, Citibank, a local bank, and transit people aiming for full adoption of an NFC-based payment system by June, 2012.

The field of advertising has also been influenced by this technology as shown in the case of a U.K. real estate company.  The U.K’s Strut and Parker has also started placing NFC tags on their “For Sale” signage. This enables prospects to acquire information about the property while the company also gets data about the interested clientele.

Intel has been collaborating with MasterCard for a tap-to-pay feature for its UltraBook computers. This improves ease and security of transactions compared to wiring money online. Acer, with its new Liquid Express set to launch initially in France, has assured usage of the technology in their future handsets.

These are just some instances of how 2012 is set to be the big year for this revolutionary innovation, albeit everywhere else except the U.S.

What instances of the application of NFC technology do you see in your immediate locality?


Carl Parker
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