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Nexus TV said to have been canceled and turned into the ADT-1

Remember that rumored Nexus TV we heard about last year? It might have already been launched, under a different name and for different purposes.
September 15, 2014

Rumors of a “Nexus TV” emerged at the end of 2013. This device was to be launched at some point during the first half of 2014. The first half has come and gone and we haven’t heard a thing about what was to be Google’s “aggressively-priced” television. What happened?

We have already seen the device's launch... except it isn't a consumer version.
If The Information’s sources are correct, we have already seen the device’s launch… except it isn’t a consumer version. It was given to developers at Google IO so they could test and produce Android TV apps. It’s called the ADT-1 and it’s said it is a renamed Nexus TV project that was canceled along the way.

This device was to become the epicenter of Android@Home, a project that was announced about 3 years ago with no fruits to bare so far. The Android@Home leader, Joe Britt, has now left the company and most of his team has moved to the Chromecast team.

Android TV Hands on

It seems Android@Home’s future is not very bright, but Google is possibly refocusing its efforts into software instead of hardware. Google’s hardware position in the market is a bit unstable. They have produced very few consumer products and the few they have released are not the best in terms of sales. Great examples of this phenomena are the Chromebook Pixel and the Nexus Q.

With Google TV dead, Android TV is looking like a great option in the smart TV market. The platform will be able to handle media, apps and even video games. It is much more polished, organized and taps into the gaming market, which places it in a safe spot for a successful future. And it is paired with a controller that will definitely give you the edge gamers need.

Does all this mean there will never be a Nexus TV? We can’t say for sure, but there seems to be no active projects for such a device right now. Do keep in mind these are unofficial reports. Take it all with a grain of salt.