Are the Galaxy S3 and the soon to be unveiled Galaxy Note 2 not enough for all you high-end tech/Samsung fans? How about a new Nexus? That’s right, based on a new rumor started by the guys over at SamMobile, a Galaxy Nexus follow-up is set to come soon and will be manufactured by Google and Samsung, not Google and Motorola, as many expected.

Before going any further and detailing the report, we have to underline our skepticism about its credibility. There’s always a certain degree of mistrust with these kinds of rumors that come out of nowhere, but in this case the mistrust is higher than ever and the stench of “proof” fabrication can be sniffed from a mile.

That said, SamMobile claims to have nabbed a secret document from undisclosed sources that details some of the specs of a Samsung GT-I9260 phone codenamed “Superior”. The HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus carries a GT-I9250 model number, so it’s only natural to suspect this unreleased device will be some sort of a sequel to it or at least a better spec’d phone.

The “Superior” is listed in the doc as powered by a dual-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A9 processor. That would in fact represent a hardware bump over the original Nexus’ 1.2 GHz proc, but a very slight one, which is the first reason that makes us call bull… on the report.

The 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD touchscreen listed in the document sounds legit, as do the 8MP / 1.9MP dual cameras and 16GB on-board storage, but the inclusion of a microSD card slot sounds preposterously false. The Galaxy Nexus lacked any kind of storage expansion feature and Google never seemed keen on introducing such an option on its future gadgets, so we can’t see what could have changed that “creed” so soon.

On the whole, we also can’t help but feel that a gadget with this supposed partial spec sheet could not exactly be called a high-tech device, but rather one to fit that gap between mid-range and high-end. And that simply doesn’t match what one would expect from a Galaxy Nexus 2, now does it?

I honestly don’t want to think that SamMobile (or a tipster close to the website) simply fabricated this “evidence”, so there’s also the possibility this Superior phone in fact exists, but will not be marketed as a Nexus follow-up. Instead, this could be yet another slightly tweaked version of the popular device, or maybe an exclusive model for a carrier left out of the Nexus mix until now. Are you with me? Do you also have higher hopes for a Galaxy Nexus 2?


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