Google Smartwatch 3D render concept

A concept video of the rumored Google smartwatch emerged online.

Fan concepts show up online all the time, but in most cases they are dream devices with made up specs and futuristic designs that have little chance of ever becoming a real product.

The video below does show a dream device (at least for some users), but the difference is its minimalist design isn’t actually that crazy. Bearing the Nexus brand, this Google smartwatch concept could actually become a reality in the close future.

Google (along with other big players in the mobile industry) is rumored to be working on a wrist-worn wearable computer. Seeing what Sergey Brin’s team of tech wizards managed to stuff into Glass (specs that are similar to the Galaxy Nexus’), a smartwatch similar to that in the video isn’t all that far-fetched.

Would you buy a Google smartwatch if it looked like that? What features would you like to see on such a device?