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Install Touch-enabled ClockworkMod Recovery on Nexus S

February 17, 2012

If you are fond of installing custom ROMs, you probably know about ClockworkMod Recovery. It really is such a great tool for flashing custom ROMs on your device. Phones and tablets are generally using touchscreen technology and now ClockworkMod Recovery is going to utilize this technology as a touch-enabled version has already been released for the Nexus S.

If you have a Nexus S, you are so lucky because  your device is one of the first to be able to use the touch-enabled ClockworkMod Recovery. This touch-based recovery for the Nexus S was developed by Koush. Although a number of users have already tried using the touch-enabled version, it still remains largely untested. It’s a beta version, which means that there still other features and functions that are being worked on.

If you want to try the touch-enabled ClockworkMod Recovery, roll up  your sleeves now and take a look at our complete guide on how to install ClockworkMod Recovery Touch on the Nexus S.


Be sure to go over the list below and also make sure you don’t skip anything.

  • Root your Galaxy Nexus S.
  • Download and install ADB on your computer.  You can get ADB by installing the Android SDK on your computer.
  • Download ClockworkMod Touch Recovery Beta for the Nexus S from here.
  • Make a back up of all the important files and data in your phone.
  • Fully charge your battery.


NOTE: Use this guide at your own risk and do not hold us responsible for whatever damage occurs on your phone because of your use of this guide.

Here’s how to install the touch-enabled ClockworkMod Recovery on your Nexus S:

  1. Copy the recovery image that you downloaded from the link above to the folder where fastboot.exe is located in the Android SDK installation folder.
  2. Turn off your phone.
  3. Reboot the phone into Fastboot mode.
  4. Connect the phone to your computer.
  5. Open a command prompt on your computer and enter the commands below:
    • fastboot flash recovery touch-crespo.img
    • fastboot reboot

That’s how you install the touch-based ClockworkMod Recovery on your Nexus S. Whenever you enter recovery mode on your Nexus S, you will be able to use the touchscreen to navigate around the menus in ClockworkMod Recovery.