A new dawn of Jelly Bean awaits Samsung Nexus S owners, as the update to Android 4.1.1 – after a slight delay – has made it to some variants of the phone. Android Police reports that the update to the latest version of Android has reached some lucky owners of the GSM Nexus S (i9023). The OTA seems to have found its way to owners of the I9020T variant in Canada as well.

The Jelly Bean update will bring the phone’s build to the JRO03E version, and it comes with all the buttery features one can expect from the new OS — and more. Performance and responsiveness will be greatly improved, and there are new features like expandable notifications and Google Now.

The JRO03E update, which comes in at 144.4MB in size, is now available to download from Google’s website. So if you’re getting impatient waiting for the update to be officially rolled out by your carrier, you can always hit the link and do some manual updating. The place to be is the following thread on XDA-Developers, where you can get detailed instructions. Be warned that it’s quite a long read.

If the thought of using CWM and the likes seems like too much of a daunting prospect, it’s best to wait for the OTA update.

Bams Sadewo
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