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Nexus Q unlock, root and app installs now possible

July 10, 2012

The Nexus Q is Google’s entertainment device that was unveiled in late June at the company’s Google I/O event. The expensive Q ball is a strange addition to Google’s roster of products, especially considering that it’s somewhat competing against another Google product that’s still very important for the company, despite missing in action at the developer conference – Google TV.

Nevertheless, since the Nexus Q is a brand new gadget, and part of the Nexus family of Android devices, we’re not surprised to see developers interested in tinkering with them already. We have already seen the Nexus Q get torn apart, and we already know the device can be used to run various apps.

In case the $299 price tag doesn’t scare you away, and you also want to be able to run all sorts of apps on the device, you should know that the Nexus Q can be unlocked and rooted right away, not that we’d ever advise you to do that.

xda-developers reports that Android developers have already posted unlock and root tutorials on its forums, and there already is an application thread which describes how to install and run your favorite Android apps.

While the unlock and root procedures seem to be pretty straightforward, running apps on the Nexus Q is a little trickier:

It’s a highly irregular process, which involves using ADB to install the applications and Terminal commands to run them. The interface of the applications is still a little tricky, but there has been some success with the monkeyrunner tool found in android-sdk/tools/. There is also some talk about using a Bluetooth Input Device Emulator. Eccentricity aside, the device has a pretty decent start to its development.

Let’s hear it from you, potential Nexus Q buyers, are you interested in this strange ball-shaped Android device?