Some things in life are certain: death, taxation, and Google’s Easter eggs. You’ve seen the jolly group of floating jelly beans on Android 4.1, and, if you thought that Nexus Q would be spared from the hidden surprise treatment, well, you’d better think again. Better yet, you can direct your questions to the spherical media streaming device instead.

Given the slight similarity between the Nexus Q and a certain fortune-telling toy, it’s certainly not hard to see why Google jumped at the opportunity to include a hidden “Magic 8 Ball” mode in the Nexus Q. This Easter egg can be activated from the Nexus Q’s Android app. All you have to do is tap on the image of the Nexus Q repeatedly, and you’ll be greeted with the following text: “Have a Dilemma? Ask the Q.”

One of the Q’s many philosophical answers.

One of the Q’s many philosophical answers.

That’s your cue to ask away to your heart’s content. Use the mic on whatever Android device is connected to the Q, and ask your questions. The Nexus Q will try to solve all your dilemmas by giving you the tough answers that you may not want to hear. If it’s anything like the original, they will range from positive, negative, to non-committal answers.

That’s one mystery solved about the Nexus Q’s rather steep price of $299. To borrow a certain catchphrase from the competing camp, it’s magical. At least, you can now stop wasting your money on those psychic toll lines.

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