Last year around this time, Google unveiled the Nexus Q, a device that would forever change our living room experience – except for the fact it didn’t. The Google Nexus Q was an interesting idea, but it ultimately fell short when it came to features and functionality, especially considering its $300 asking price.

With limited consumer interest in the device, Google promised it would go back to the drawing board, and find ways to create a Nexus Q experience that would really blow us away. Could Google I/O 2013 be the time that Google finally unveils such a reworked Nexus Q? No, not if sources reporting to All Things D prove correct.

The sources say that not only will Google not have anything new to report about the Nexus Q, they won’t even be bringing it up. It seems that Google has chosen the route of pretending the Q never happened.

Should we be surprised or even care? The Nexus Q was certainly a sexy device. It had a unique spherical design, and was encircled by LED strips that could change in color when working with other Android devices. Ultimately though, it just was an unnecessary creation, at least in original form.

Will the Nexus Q ever return?

The big question is whether Google will ever bring back the Nexus Q. With strong hints about Google I/O focusing on a push towards gaming and the creation of a gaming platform, the Nexus Q could potentially play a role in Google’s gaming future.

With the Q’s ability to work as a hub for Google content, the Nexus Q might be a great way to bring gaming into the living room and take on other micro-console devices such as the Ouya.

Of course that would mean Google would either have to create a controller peripheral or simply require you to still use your phone/tablet as the controller.

Keep in mind that this is purely speculation. Even if Google does have plans for the Nexus Q in the future, unless All Things D’s sources are incorrect, we won’t be hearing about them right away.

If the Nexus Q could return under a cheaper price point as a device that allowed a more immersive Google experience across all your networked devices and television sets, would you be interested? Or do you feel that Google is better off killing the Q for good and moving forward on other projects?

Andrew Grush
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