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Nexus Q gets the CyanogenMod 9 treatment

July 15, 2012

When Google first launched the Nexus Q last month at Google I/O 2012 they made it publicly known that the Q had a USB port for general “hackability”. That statement alone and the limited features of the Nexus Q to some meant that Google wasn’t entirely sure yet what the Q could evolve into.  Since it’s launch, developers have been busy hacking away at the Q, trying to determine new uses and add more functionality. We’ve seen the Q turn into a gaming console, be able to play Netflix movies, and launch some standard Android apps.

Developer Jason Parker has decided to step things up a notch by porting full blown Android, via CM9, to the Nexus Q. Jason used a Tuna/Maguro build as his base image and so far Bluetooth and WiFi are working as intended. Overall functionality seems pretty stable for the first attempt at porting CM9 to the Nexus 9. This is still very much a work in progress as sound doesn’t seem to be working quite well just yet.

If full blown Android can be ran on the Nexus Q while maintaining the original Nexus Q social media sharing capabilities, things could get a whole lot more interesting for the Nexus Q in the near future. Especially after XBMC for Android has made its’ debut. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this.