Amongst the slew of software announcements, Google introduced two impressive mainstream devices at its I/O conference last month.

The first is the phenomenally priced Google Nexus 7, which is as good as any high-end Android tablet in the market, if not better. What the tablet does lack is a solution to hook it up to the big screen, an odd omission given that it’s been heralded as a media consumption device. But this is where the second device comes into play.

The Nexus Q is a media streamer that will make a fine addition to the Nexus 7 — or any other Android devices for that matter. Being a Nexus device also means that you’ll definitely see its uses expanded beyond the “social streaming” feature that Google is angling it for. The good news is the Nexus Q is finally in stock on the Google Play store.

Since the price of the Nexus Q was already announced prior to its release, don’t be too surprised to see that you have to spend $299 to get the black orb.  It might be a little steep compared to the competition, but they don’t exactly come in a glowing ball. While it remains to be seen whether the Nexus Q will be as warmly received as the Nexus 7, it’s best to play it safe by adding it to the shopping cart soon – if you really are interested. Ordering the Q ball now on Google Play means you’ll get it in 3-5 business days.

Will you be putting the Nexus Q on your shopping list?

Bams Sadewo
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