The Nexus Q entertainment device that Google announced at this year’s Google I/O edition alongside its more famous brother, the Nexus 7 tablet, is already available for purchase from the Google Play store for $299.

The strangely-looking piece of hardware also has a companion Android app, also available to download from the Google Play store, which has to be installed on supported devices that can be used to control the Nexus Q:

You can use it with current versions of Google Play and YouTube apps to stream music, TV shows, videos, and HD movies to Nexus Q devices that are set up in your home.

After you install and open the Nexus Q app, the Google Play and YouTube apps on your phone or tablet will offer a new feature to stream entertainment through Nexus Q.

Initially, the application only supported Jelly Bean devices, which aren’t that many so far. But the app has been updated to include support for older Android versions running on current devices, including Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich.

In fact, the app now works with devices running Android 2.3.3 or later, and the update also includes “improvements to the social mix (guest mode) feature.”

The Nexus Q is available as a free download from the Google Play store, although it wouldn’t be of much use to you unless you own a Nexus Q device or plan to buying one.