The Samsung handset rumored to transform into the Nexus Prime upon release has received the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stamp of approval just recently–and FCC documents suggest that not only is it compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Canadian networks but is also as big as the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The Samsung GT-I9250 appeared in recently published FCC reports, which showed that the handset carries communications equipment compatible with GSM 850, GSM 1900, WCDMA II, WCDMA IV, and AWS 1700 bands.

No hints of CDMA or LTE support were reported, but the FCC information does suggest that the GT-I9250 (FCC ID A3LGTI9250) would work with the 3G data networks on AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S., and TELUS, Rogers, and Bell in Canada.

Near Field Communication (NFC) capability is also reportedly onboard.

The said device is the handset primarily suspected to be the Nexus Prime, which is rumored to be compatible with multiple carriers (just like its predecessor, the Nexus S) and to be called the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The FCC documents also suggest that the candidate handset (GT-I9250) for the Nexus Prime (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) has physical dimensions almost similar to Samsung’s current blockbuster, the Samsung Galaxy S II. According to records, the Samsung GT-I9250 has a length (height) of 124 millimeters and a width of 68 millimeters.

The device’s lack of LTE support doesn’t mean Samsung doesn’t have one in the works. In fact, an LTE-capable version is being rumored for Verizon and is said to go by a different name–the Samsung DROID Prime. Handset model SCH-I515 has been floated around the Web as the chief suspect for the Samsung DROID Prime.

Both the Samsung a GT-I9250 and Samsung SCH-I515 have also recently received their certifications from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Incidentally, the Samsung SCH-I515 has appeared on the Cellebrite system and was being listed as Nexus Prime rather than either Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Samsung DROID Prime. A leaked email allegedly for internal use on Verizon also talked of a Samsung Prime hitting Verizon on October 27 and set to replace the Samsung DROID Charge.

Samsung and Google were rumored to debut the Nexus Prime (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) along with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at the CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference this week. However, for some unconfirmed reason, the two companies have postponed the “Google Episode” of the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 event to some unspecified date, which we are relatively sure will be within this month at the earliest, or early in November at the latest.