Three of the hottest Android smartphones that many people have been patiently waiting for have started appearing within the Cellebrite system–the Google Nexus Prime, the Motorola DROID HD, and the HTC Vigor. And, as has usually been the case with Cellebrite updates, the Motorola DROID HD has also recently appeared on Verizon Wireless’ Device Management system.

Cellebrite is a system that transfers phone data (e.g., contacts, SMS, multimedia, files, etc.) from one mobile handset to another regardless of carrier or handset manufacturer.

A tipster has sent three interesting photos of Cellebrite terminals to Droid Life, and the photos explicitly named the three Android handsets that have been on many Android fans’ dreams lately.

Samsung SCH-I515 as Nexus Prime

Curiously, the Nexus Prime is called exactly that–the Nexus Prime. Although many rumored names have been circulating for Google’s upcoming flagship reference phone for Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the information on the Cellebrite terminal clearly shows the handset’s name as Nexus Prime.

What’s more curious is that the handset model number shown is SCH-I515, rather than GT-I9250. Previous reports have claimed that the upcoming ICS-bearing flagship handset (purportedly a variant of the Nexus Prime version for global release) exclusively for release on Verizon, and reportedly to be named the Samsung DROID Prime, will come under model number SCH-I515.

The other model number, the Samsung GT-I9250, is most people’s main suspect for the global, multi-carrier version of the Nexus Prime and has been rumored to go under the name Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

HTC PH98100 as HTC Vigor

Meanwhile, the HTC Vigor, rumored to be rebranded into the HTC Rezound, is also called the HTC Vigor on Cellebrite, as shown in the photos of the Cellebrite terminal.

Although, the Cellebrite system used the same model number used in FCC documents (i.e., PH98100) rather than the previously leaked model number for the HTC Vigor–ADR6425LVW. Other current rumor streams say the HTC Vigor will be rebranded into the HTC DROID Incredible HD or the HTC Thunderbolt 2.

Motorola X912 as Motorola DROID HD

The Motorola DROID HD, too, is called the Motorola DROID HD in the Cellebrite system, despite rumors of the handset’s being rebranded into the Motorola DROID RAZR (also codenamed Motorola Spyder). Its model number on the Cellebrite system is XT912.

Although information gathered from the Cellebrite system doesn’t give us any juicy morsel about these devices–other than some form of confirmation of these devices’ existence–the info does give us very strong hints that the devices are nearing their launch dates or release dates.

Though, in the case of the Motorola DROID HD, its recent appearance on Verizon Wireless’ Device Management system spewed out a few more tidbits about this enigmatic device.  An anonymous tipster sent Droid Life this screenshot of the Motorola DROID HD’s page on the Device Management system:

Image credit: Droid Life

Assuming authenticity of the leaked screenshot, the Motorola DROID HD will be a 4G LTE handset, but it will not have global roaming capability.

Possible Android-filled October

Most people have observed that when a device makes it into the the Cellebrite system, the device would most likely make its way to stores within a week or so. In other cases, it takes about a month before the device reaches stores.

And, that particular observation seems to corroborate rumors of an October 13 or an October 20 (on RadioShack) launch for the HTC Vigor. A previous leaked document had suggested a launch date on October 5.

As for the Nexus Prime or Samsung DROID Prime, we’re crossing our fingers for its launch or announcement at the CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference on October 11, during which a “Google Episode” of the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event will be held.

No rumored launch or release date has been whispered for the Motorola DROID HD (Motorola DROID RAZR), but the general consensus of Android gossipers has been that it will arrive in time for the holidays–probably in mid-November or early December.

Which of these hot upcoming phones make you feel hot?

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