Well folks, no iPhone 5. Ho-hum.What most are forgetting, but probably not all of you – is that a much bigger announcement is coming next week, in the form of the Samsung Unpacked 2011 event, where many are suspecting the Nexus Prime to be formally announced. And, as things usually go, people much closer to the supply line than you or I, are getting sneak peaks at what the Nexus Prime will actually look like.

What you are looking at above is the first actual legitimate photo of the Nexus Prime, and with it, comes some very important, rumor confirming details. First off, let’s break it down.


As mentioned above, the display on the Nexus Prime will indeed by of the Super AMOLED HD variety. Heralded as the greatest display tech to come to any smartphone to date, Super AMOLED displays are gaining serious momentum in the market, and for good reason. Deep, pure blacks, saturated colors, excellent response times, and good battery usage all sum up to one thing – an incredible display on a mobile device. If you’ve ever had the chance to see a Samsung Galaxy S II, you’ll know what I am talking about.

1280×720 Resolution

Make no mistake – this is an extremely high resolution display, and the image above finally offers us hard evidence that the Nexus Prime will – like all other leading upcoming high end Android phones – sport a 720p display. With a 720p display on board, text will appear legible to almost a ridiculous level. Either way, a Super AMOLED HD display with a resolution this high is only found on one other device – the Samsung Galaxy Note. But, it’s important to recall that the Galaxy Note is a device of epic proportions; so much so in fact, that it will likely be too big for most, at 5.3 inches. Still, the Nexus Prime will have a pixel density of over 320PPI, which is one of the highest to date on any smartphone.

Other Details

Do not be confused by the 1184 x 720 pixel resolution that appears in the system info, as that’s just the area of the screen that is actively available for usage. With Ice Cream Sandwich,  expect Android to undergo a radical redesign, as there will be no hardware buttons. This means there will be persistent, and system wide on-scren menu buttons.

While we aren’t sure if the Samsung built Nexus Prime will be made using a PenTile matrix, we have to say that at this pixel density, it’s just not going to matter.

Either way, it’s great to see that the rumors are looking to be true, and that the Nexus Prime will indeed be sporting next-gen hardware! With no iPhone 5 in sight, it’s looking like the day for Android to approach 1 million daily activations creeps ever closer, friends.

And how about you – are you excited for the Nexus Prime?

Via: GSM Arena

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