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Nexus Player gamepad arrives in the Play Store

The Nexus Player gamepad has arrived on the Play Store and is ready for shipping. The device will cost 40USD, and allows owners of the new Nexus Player to play games on their big screen with a controller.
October 27, 2014
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Here’s a bit of good news for Android gamers: That sexy (well, in my humble opinion it is) new gamepad for the Nexus Player just arrived in the Play Store and is ready for ordering.

The gamepad will cost $40 for gamers looking to get their hands on it, and should certainly make playing Android games on your big screen a lot more comfortable. I can’t help but make some comparisons in form factor to the Xbox One controller, and can honestly say that the Bluetooth 3.0 device is easily the nicest Android game controller that I have seen so far.

As a gamer myself, this controller/device presents quite the conundrum in more than one way. I have an Ouya, a Chromecast, an Xbox 360, an HDMI adapter for my Note 3 that plugs right into my TV,  and a wireless adapter that allows me to play my Steam games with my Xbox 360 controller. While I have enjoyed the Ouya, I never could really get over the fact that I would need to purchase games that I previously bought on Google Play over the Ouya shop a second time to be able to take advantage of the big screen, which is why I haven’t played it more regularly. With the ability to play games over the Ouya, and stream media over a Chromecast, will this device be a hit with consumers that already own Chromecast and the Ouya? Will so many gamers even be interested in dropping 150USD for a device that allows you to play Android games on the big screen (price of the player + the controller)?

What do you guys think? Will you be picking up the Nexus Player gamepad? Tell me your reasons why you will or why you won’t in the comments below!