Gizmodo got its hands on the internal Google screenshots for the Nexus One which reveal, amongst other things, the pricing and associated T-Mobile calling/data plans. According to the screenshots, the handset will be branded the Nexus One and will retail for $530 unlocked and for $180 with a two year contract with T-Mobile. Those that chose the subsidized pricing will have to sign up for an Even More 500 Individual + Text + Web plan for $79.99. This individual plan is the only plan available for the subsidized Nexus One – current customers will have to switch over to this plan and those wanting to stay on a family plan need not apply. An unusually high early termination fee of $350 will apply if you cancel the plan before 120 days or, if you wish to avoid the fee, you can return the phone to Google. If this plan restriction or the ETF is not agreeable, customers can purchase the $530 unlocked version and use it on any plan they wish. The phone will be available from Google at and each customer can purchase 5 Nexus One’s per Google account. Good news for International customers as wording within the leaked screenshots suggest that shipment outside of the US is possible. Before you start jumping for joy, remember that this is a leak and a rumor and, as such, is subject to change. We will have to wait until January 5th to receive all the official details. Hit the jump for two leaked screenshots.

[via Gizmodo]