According to PocketNow, the Nexus One seems to be back in business, running Android’s new OS version, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. A developer known as dr1337m, had recently taken advantage of the new SDK by porting it to new devices, most notably the Nexus One.

There are, however, still a variety of different issues with the port. Some of these problems include audio instability, small transitional animation glitches, and the broken use of Wi-Fi, for the average mobile speed demon.

Even though that are some pretty major bugs, these could be worked out by developers soon, because in all fairness, the port was released pretty quickly.

And relating to this topic, it could also mean good news for you! Your device may be seeing Ice Cream Sandwich soon as well. Feel free to check out our Predictions: What Android Phones Will Get Ice Cream Sandwich article to see if you are in luck

So are you excited about the Grandaddy rising from the grave? How do you feel about upcoming devices possibly receiving the update? I would love to hear your comments on the rise of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Via: PocketNowImage From Technobin

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