droids-holiday-nexus-oneWe told you on Saturday that the rumors about the Google phone would come fast and furious and this weekend did not disappoint. To recap, we started off Friday night with the rumor that the Google phone was real and in the hands of Google employees. This revelation was partially substantiated by Google in a blog post on Saturday that explained that the California-based company was indeed dogfooding a new Android phone. The identity of the phone as the Google phone or merely a Google Experience phone was still shrouded in mystery and the subject of heated debate. The debate raged until the WSJ leaked the information that the unknown HTC phone was indeed the Google phone and was to be called the Nexus One. TechCrunch provided additional details on the phone’s hardware, revealing it to be a very Google-influenced HTC Passion.

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Straight out of Twitter, Engadget, and Picasa came images of the Nexus One handset itself and images taken by some budding camera-phone photographers using the Nexus One. Those Google employees have been busy with their Google phones, leaving a data trail all over the Internet. Speaking of the Internet, a silly holiday game for Nexus One phones only was uncovered at Google’s website. No significance in the game itself, just a little Christmas surprise for Google employees. Last but not least, the latest rumor churning through the rumor mill suggests that T-Mobile may be partnering with Google to launch the Nexus One. T-Mobile would not sell the Nexus One but would help Google advertise the phone and provide support infrastructure. This rumor surfaced last week so it is not surprising to see it show up at another source.

What is surprising is the claim that Verizon Wireless had first shot at the Google phone and turned Google down. Because of Verizon’s rejection, a GSM variant of the phone, which just received FCC approval for both AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s 3G networks, was built instead of a CDMA version. If this is indeed true, we wonder what might become of the HTC Passion that was rumored to be hitting Verizon Wireless. Will it still make it to the market as an HTC-branded phone or has it been cancelled because Verizon does not want to play nice with Google? We will have to wait and see what is unveiled when Google, HTC, and Verizon begin making their 2010 smartphone plans official. Speaking of official information, remember this is a “rumor” roundup, all information above is not confirmed and should be approached with a healthy dose of skepticism.