htc-nexus-one-fcc-red-arrowAn HTC handset with FCC ID NM8PB99100 and the model name “NEXUSONE” has made its way though the revealing process of FCC approval. The documents posted by the FCC divulge the presence of cellular radios supporting quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSUPA (2Mbps up and 7.2Mbps down) on 850/1700/1900 frequencies. Savvy readers will immediately recognize that 1700MHz is used for T-Mobile’s 3G network and that 850/1900MHz are the bands used for AT&T’s special flavor of 3G. Excellent news for consumers in the US as an unlocked Nexus One could be used on either T-Mobile’s or AT&T’s high speed data network. Anyone on the fence about the Nexus One, ready to take a closer look at this rumored device now that it has been revealed to potentially have full NAM support?

Update: Some errors in the FCC documentation have been discovered and AT&T’s 3G network is NOT supported by the Nexus One. The FCC incorrectly labeled WCDMA VIII as 815-880 when in fact it is 890-915. The Nexus One will have 3G support in WCDMA Band I, Band IV, and Band VIII which corresponds to tri-band UMTS/HSUPA 2100/1700/900, respectively. T-Mobile uses the 1700MHz frequency for its 3G network so the Nexus One is compatible with T-Mobile 3G. AT&T uses 850/1900MHz which is not included in the Nexus One. Customers that use the Nexus One on AT&T will do so at EDGE speeds only, no 3G connectivity on AT&T is possible.

[via Engadget]