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Nexus-like AOSP update support for Sony Xperia S starts as Google experiment

August 18, 2012

Sony has been less than reliable when it comes to offering timely Android updates for its Android-based devices, but this could all change in the future, as it looks like Google is ready to offer Nexus-like AOSP support to at least one Sony device.

The Sony Xperia S is the lucky fellow that will receive Nexus-like treatment and we’re certainly intrigued by the move. What does it mean for the Android business? Will we see other Sony and non-Sony devices get the same support for Google?

I’m sure that neither carriers nor device makers would be entirely happy to let customers fetch their Android updates directly from Google, but should more non-Nexus devices receive AOSP support, then we could see Google attempting to fix a problem it keeps denying of having, the fragmentation in the Android ecosystem.

For now, The Verge reports that the Sony Xperia S is just an experiment, with “Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru, who has long been the main source of AOSP developments for the company,” announcing the project. He went on to explain why the device was chosen: “it’s a powerful current GSM device, with an unlockable bootloader, from a manufacturer that has always been very friendly to AOSP,” and we’re definitely interested to see whether other devices will follow.

In fact, now that Google is working with Sony to offer AOSP support to the Xperia S we will wonder whether this is a sign pointing towards a future Nexus-branded Android device made by Sony in the near future. But we’ll cross that bridge once we get there.

Anyone excited about this news?