Nexus 9 is now up for pre-order on Amazon, but it will be a few weeks before the device lands on your doorstep. Just to torment you, here’s another hands-on video with the HTC-made tablet, from a Thai channel.

The video is a bit less fancy that the one we’ve shown you yesterday, but the straightforward editing helps with getting an idea about the table’s performance. Spoiler: it’s flawless. We spotted no instance of lag in the 4-minute video, and we were particularly impressed with the speed and smoothness of the new recent apps interface.

We also get a peek at the Nexus 9’s official origami case, which connects magnetically to the device and features folds that let you easily uncover and open the camera app, as you can see around the 3:10 mark.

Impressed with what you’ve seen so far?

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