Nexus 7 sleeve

The Nexus 7 is the darling of the tablet world, and has been since its inception last year. Like any Nexus product, it pushes the envelope for the hardware/software marriage of Android.

What it isn’t, however, is rugged. If you’ve seen our drop test for this years’ device, you’ll know it falls short (pun intended!) of being a device that can stand to get knocked around. So, if you don’t think you need a way to protect the device, think again.

For 66% of the cost of the sleeve, you get it shipped to you.

Like most people, you’re probably more apt to have official accesories. The sleeve for the Nexus 7 is a nice one, too: microfiber lining, fitted, asymetrical zipper, neoprene outer shell. It’s also got a smaller pocket on the outside, just like a proper sleeve should!

The sleeve sells for $29.99, which isn’t a bad price at all — until you go to checkout. Currently, the Play Store is charging nearly $20 in shipping. For 66% of the cost of the sleeve, you get it shipped to you. That’s not including tax, which could push the total cost to just over $50.

In a time when Amazon has perfected fast, cheap shipping, especially for an item that simply needs to be slipped into a padded envelope with a mailing label slapped on, this is abhorrent. I’d like to assume this is some sort of glitch, as the Play Store has recently begun offering multiple shipping options, so I’ll reserve total judgement for now. If it doesn’t change, though, there are plenty of wonderful options available via Amazon.