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Nexus 7 screen separation issue and fix discovered

July 19, 2012

The Nexus 7 may be the most popular Android tablet in town these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s flaw free. In addition to the screen ghosting issues affecting certain users that we talked about a few days ago, we now have a new screen-related problem for you.

This time around it appears that some Nexus 7 units have faulty displays that seem to slightly come out of the plastic bezel. In case you noticed your display creaking when touching it in certain areas that’s because it’s not perfectly held in place by the screws behind it.

The most obvious thing to do is to contact Google customer support and have this issue resolved by them. However, you can also try to fix the issue manually, not that we’re encouraging you to go down this path.

What you need to do is remove the back plate and tighten the screws that are supposed to hold it into place and prevent any screen movement. These screws are apparently not tighten all the way, so you should make sure that they’re all perfectly tight:

So rather than sending back my Nexus 7, I decided to give something a try. I removed the back casing, which is very easy to do. I used a small flat screwdriver where the “leather” meets the plastic and gently wedged it in. The case popped right open and was easily removed. I then tightened all of the small phillips screws around the outside of the board on the back of the screen.
This immediately cleared up the creakiness and play that i was experiencing on the left side of the screen. I tightened all screws and not just the ones on the left side. Do this at your own risk, obviously, but this immediately rectified my issue!

The screen separation fix didn’t work for everyone, but so far it’s the best do-it-yourself alternative out there. At the same time, we’ll remember that this is a budget-friendly device sold at cost by Google, so we’re not really surprised that build quality is not on par with what you’d expect from such gadgets.

Nexus 7 with back removed | Image credit: xda-developers Forum

Google and/or Asus are yet to comment on the matter, so we’ll keep you updated. In the mean time, you can check out the xda-developers Forum to see how others have dealt with this problem.