Google Nexus 7

Is a cheaper Nexus 7 on the way? Industry suppliers cited as sources in a recent DigiTimes report seem to think so. Apparently, Nexus 7 units that are currently in production make use of a new, lower-cost touchscreen technology that is expected to bring the price down all the way to $99 a piece.

The new touchscreen technology, called glass-film-film or GFF, hails from a company called O-Film Tech which started shipping products for the Nexus 7 this month. This is according to a report on the Taiwanese DigiTimes, where it is also said that GFF will not only make the Nexus 7 cheaper, but thinner as well.

A $99 Nexus 7 would be very appealing, for sure, but according to the same report mentioned above, some market observers already suspect it won’t be possible to price it that low; that the lowest possible price for the ex-flagship Google tablet, at least for now, lies somewhere in the $129-$149 range. This is because of supposed limits on “how far the companies can drive down costs in their supply chain.”

In any case, a price drop on the Nexus 7 is probably inevitable once 2013 finally rolls around. But just how much of a price drop this is going to be exactly still remains to be seen.