We’ve been expecting the Nexus 7 docking station to hit Google Play since last year, but it never did materialize. There’s also a glimmer of hope that the audio dock would be arriving in January, but again, Nexus 7 owners were forced to wait longer.

Arriving spectacularly late, the official docking station for Google’s 7-inch Nexus tablet, launched back in June of last year, is (or was — more on this later) finally available on the Play Store, where it can be had for $29.99.

Notice anything strange about the price? Your eyes have not deceived you, as Google has really dropped the price of the docking station. You see, the dock was initially going to be offered for $40. The fact that it’s pretty limited in features, as we’ve discussed here, perhaps aided to its $10 price cut.

In case you haven’t bought any third-party dock, hit the link below to purchase the Nexus 7 dock directly. Unfortunately, the listing now says that it’s “temporarily out stock”. You may want to check back in a few hours, days, or weeks. Do you think Google will ever learn to properly stock highly sought items on its store?

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