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Let the Nexus 7 8GB close-out sales begin! 8GB Nexus 7 available at brick and mortar Staples stores for $160

With the Nexus 7 8GB coming to an end, stores that currently carry it will be doing what they can to get rid of it. Staples has started everyone off by offering the Nexus 7 8GB for a measly $160. The only catch? You have to actually go into Staples as this is only available at the brick and mortar locations and not available online.
November 12, 2012
Nexus 7
Now that the Nexus 7 is no longer being produced by Google, many businesses are left to decide what to do with their remaining 8GB Nexus 7 stock. Of course, the only logical answer is to have a closeout sale. Most businesses that carry the Nexus 7 haven’t decided exactly how they’re going to get this done. Staples has, though, and will be offering the Nexus 7 8GB for a mere $159.99.

This is a very spectacular deal for a number of people. The Nexus 7 8GB isn’t a slouch of a tablet. It’s specs are pretty much up to date with its only issue being the storage. 8GB can be filled rather quickly by a lot of people. However, the $160 price point is hard to ignore. That’s $40 off their original sale price of $199.

With the holidays just around the corner, this could be a wonderful option if you want something cheap to just throw around. While you won’t be able to do your usual power user stuff, you’ll at least be able to get a number of games and apps on there without too much trouble. At last glance, Angry Birds was still under 50MB. Perfect for kids or for people who just really like small Android games.

Can we get the Nexus 7 8GB online for that price?

Unfortunately, no you can’t. Android Police reports that this sale is for brick and mortar stores only. So if you want to get your hands on it, you’ll have to drive over and get one. That’s not a big deal, though, as this really is a fabulous price for the Nexus 7. Even if the storage is a little low. Is anyone getting in their cars and heading to a Staples?