Google’s Nexus 7 is a product that’s received a ton of praise from the Android community, and it looks the mainstream is definitely taking notice. According to DigiTimes, who isn’t the most reliable source of information, but still manages to get quite a few number of things right, they say that shipments of the Nexus 7 are going to top 5 million units by the end of the year. It’s worth noting that shipments shouldn’t be confused with sales, but we have a hunch that every Nexus 7 being manufactured is ending up in the hands of someone who wants it.

So why is this product such a smash hit? We would be lying if we didn’t admit to ourselves that the ultra low price tag had something to do with it. Forgetting about how awesome Android Jelly Bean is for a second, Google really did something special by offering consumers a product that’s perfect for most everyday needs for a starting price of just $199. The high end model, with 32 GB of storage and cellular connectivity, is just $299, making it cheaper than the entry level iPad mini from Apple!

And as for the software, well what’s not to like about the newest version of Android? Google Now makes getting answers to your questions an almost Sci-Fi like experience. In fact, Google Now won the Popular Science “Innovation of the Year” award. Some people might bring up the lack of tablet apps argument, but on the 7 inch Nexus it’s far less of a problem. Those same apps on a Nexus 10 might look a bit off, but on the Nexus 7, they look like they’re being displayed on a jumbo phone.

What’s Google going to do to the Nexus 7 next year? All we want is a better screen. It doesn’t have to be higher resolution, but improved color reproduction, viewing angles, and clarity in general should be addressed. Here’s hoping.

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