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In mood for a deal to lift you up for the weekend? You’ve come to the right place, especially if a nice cheap tablet is high on your wish list.

Today we have the 32GB version of the Nexus 7 (2013) tablet going for just $169 on eBay, a massive 43% off over the $299 list price. Mind you, this is a “manufacturer refurbished” model, meaning you get Asus’ workmanship quality guarantee, as well as a 90 days full product warranty. Refurbished products are typically products that were returned for one reason or another that have been fixed and made to look as new.

The device is sold by a Seattle-based seller with a 98.9% positive feedback, and you get the standard 30 days return window. For international clients, there’s worldwide USPS shipping, with PayPal payments accepted.

The Nexus 7 (2013), with its fast processor, Full HD screen, and sleek design, is still one of the finest Android tablets in the 7-inch class. Check out our review of the device

The deal is available in “limited quantities” and over 1,000 units were sold so far, so you don’t want to think too much about this deal.

Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen 32 GB on eBay

Bogdan Petrovan
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